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Most of us enjoy making the most of our outdoor areas but not all of us have the time, desire, tools or energy to keep up with the mundane tasks like cutting the grass, a strimming for the borders or pulling the weeds.


Maybe you have just bought a property and at the moment it is more jungle than garden...DO NOT PANIC!!


Whether it is a one off tidy up or a regular up keep you want, we can help so you can enjoy the great outdoors.


Slippery grimy decking can be cleaned and repaired and driveways and patios can be washed down and spruced up.


Garden Waste


We are able to take the grass and other cuttings away with us after we have finished however, it is preferred that you contact your local authority to arrange for a garden waste bin to be left at your property. Depending on the area in which you live the cost of this varies.


In cases where a lot of waste is going to be generated, it may be that a skip or other large form of waste disposal may be needed.


If you still wish for us to remove the cuttings, the cost of this will be factored into your quote.


Please note that this website is under construction and so content and information will continue to be updated!

Waste Carrier Registration: CBDL115873