Window Cleaning

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Window Cleaning


L Cahill WCS provides a friendly and professional window cleaning service.


Pure Water System


As standard we use pure water technology. The beauty of this technique is that it allows us to wash down the frames and sills at the same time as cleaning your windows. Due to the reduced need for ladders, it is also a lot safer for us.


Windows that would otherwise not have been cleaned due to dangerous or hard to reach conditions can now be cleaned making them look more like a window and less like just another part of the wall.


Traditional Clean


If you would like us to clean inside your property, we will use the good old applicator, squeegee and scrim.


Although the preferred method for outside work is the pure water system, sometimes it may be that a traditional clean is what is needed. This could be due to the type or condition of the windows or frames.


Other Outside Bits


We appreciate that it is not just windows that need to be cleaned to enable you to enjoy your home.


Having a clean conservatory roof can make a big difference when you want to relax in the sun light

or socialise in the glow of the moon.


It could be that your facia, soffits, gutters and cladding are looking a bit grubby and in need of a

wash down to brighten them up a bit.



If you have gone green and installed solar panels, we can clean them for you so you can continue to

collect those valuable rays of sun!











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